Why you might be ditching Google search come 2017…

Leave it to Facebook and their big head to attempt to change the search game. Yes, you read that correctly, Facebook has begun refining their search architecture in an attempt to make it a more convenient and beneficial option for you.

As Facebook is now seeing somewhere in the ballpark of over 2 billion searches per day, a 33% increase after one minor search change (showing trending conversations), Zuckerberg is optimistic that these new search changes could mean big things for your business page. But how?

For starters you can now utilize Facebook’s Professional Services feature which allows users to search through local business to obtain hours, menus, reviews and location. Sounds like something you typically search for on Google right?

But that’s not all, Facebook has also just recently implemented their ‘Marketplace‘ feature where you can now buy and sell goods in a more organized and “eBay-esque” fashion so that you don’t have to wait on being accepted into one of those scary community Facebook garage sale pages. Yikes.

Wait, theres yet another addition to Facebook’s search project, the Recommendations and Events Tool. Basically, recommendations now works in retrieving useful information from Facebook friends by turning inquiries into call-outs for responses prompting responses from your Facebook friends aka the ones you love and trust, duh! Now it was only fair that events got a boost as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed getting a reminder or two about an event that you actually might have interest in, instead of the usual reminders about events that friends have invited their entire friend list to. Now events is working to show you more relevant event matches based on your location, trending events or where friends are going. Kind of neat right?

It’s obvious that we aren’t quite ready to ditch Google and head to Facebook for all of our longing questions but it’s clear that with improvements like these, Facebook is taking multiple steps in the right direction. Suppose you could say they’re running in the right direction. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned in the upcoming year to see if Facebook’s new search algorithm can pull off being able to create more informed and trusted recommendations based on your friends circle and location and really give Google a run for it’s money. After all, this is sort-of the old school way of obtaining information right, asking your neighbor?