Branding Social Icons Like a BOSS

When you love your brand as much as we do and you equally love what you do, it’s a given that you want to fully surround yourself in it.

The SoRad team is no exception. We’re 100% radical warriors, right down to our little bot hearts. Which is why we’ve gone full radical on you guys and decided to take our brand to the next level.

Four words: branded social media icons. That’s right, our designer and radical Sam has created the most badass and fiercely branded social media icons ever. These one-of-a-kind Social Radiant masterpieces encompass the brand, our mission, and our work all in the representational form of what we do best, social media.

Sure, anyone can redesign the traditional blue and white, one letter icon we see everyday when we log into our Facebook page, but this type of intricate branding takes a certain skill, and of course an overwhelming love for your brand.

The first of the icons to get a makeover was the Facebook icon. It seemed so simple to us that the “king” of all social media platforms should wear the crown, or in this case, horns. It only made sense to adorn the most well-known and most utilized platform with the powerfully iconic SoRad bot horns.

The next to undergo transformation was the Twitter icon. But how do you convert that sweet little birdy into a fearless radical? You embellish it with the boldest orange and an audacious bolt of lightning.

Seeing as the Instagram icon is fairly detailed, it wasn’t the easiest to alter. Have no fear, with branded font and pigment changes it was pretty clear this is the best #TransformationTuesday we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Next on the roster was every gal’s favorite boredom buddy, Pinterest. The SoRad flare added to this icon was perhaps one of our favorites. We were finally able to capture the lightning speed at which we pin quite perfectly, dubbing this metamorphose #MostImproved.

Last but not least, we gave the simplistic Google+ icon a makeover for the books. First we livened up the colors with a little SoRad panache and finished up with a few spikey resemblances to our logo, birthing a logo lovechild even Google would be proud of.

If you’re bold enough to take on branding social media icons for your brand, just remember to be sure they all coincide with your strategy. Never steer far from what you conquer or too far from the coherent message that is your brand. Good luck!