SoRad’s Fav Fall Drinks

It’s finally here! That brisk fall weather, where all you want to do is snuggle up with a cup of tea, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, wearing pair of wool socks and a thick sweater.

Trust us, we love a good “snuggle sesh” as much as the next guy. But, in the event that you’re looking for another way to stay warm, we’re providing you with the SoRad team’s favorite way to get a fall buzz going!

First, we’ll start off with our trusted leader, Erica. Her top Autumn elixir is:

“Troublemaker” red wine. Some might say this is very suiting… kidding (or are we)?

But really, who doesn’t love a killer red wine while the temps are plummeting outside? It is a dense wine, but Erica adds, “Some people think you need food with it, but I think you need nothing but a roaring fire!” Spoken like a true troublemaker!

Next up, is our beloved radical Maura. Her top shelf choice for fall is:

The “Apple Cider Martini.”

Sounds delicious, right? According to Maura, there’s only one way to concoct this dessert-like drink. First off, it has to be made with Springbrook Hollow’s “Two Sisters Vodka,” which is her family’s farm distillery. Then, you need Hick’s apple cider. It can only be complete with a sugar rim! #Duh! You know what they say about an apple a day… in your martini…it keeps the worries away? Or something like that!

The lovely Ashley Dingeman of is next! She chose:

“The F-Bomb” red wine!

“Yup, there’s really a wine called that,” laughed Ashley as she told us. What can we say, we love us some red wine and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! Ashley also commented, “I love sipping on a delicious glass of wine during the winter months because there’s something warm and soothing about it, almost like eating a bowl of soup. It’s really comforting and makes my cheeks rosy like Santa Claus.” If that doesn’t sound like the perfect fall scenario we don’t know what does!
Following Ashley on the Roster is another darling radical of ours, Leah. Leah’s fitting fall pick is:

The “Hot Toddy!”

Have you ever had the pleasure of sipping on a Hot Toddy? If not, then you are surely missing out! Leah says, they are her favorite to sip on to “cure a winter cold” or “just because.” What more reason do you need to sling back a warm whiskey, lemon and honey cocktail? #Yum!

Last on the roster is another charming radical, Sam! Her choice for the perfect fall poison is:

Shipyard’s “Pumpkinhead Ale!”

If you love all of the delicious flavors of fall packed into 4.7% ABV deliciousness, then this is the beer for you! Sam says, “The minute you take your first sip of this spicy ale, you remember why you love fall all over again!” She recommends trying it with a cinnamon-sugar rim if you’re looking for a sweeter brew!

That’s all for now folks! You’d better get going—you have quite the list of radical Fall beverages to try!