How to use Instagram’s Newest Features to Help Your Business…

soradinstaAhhh Instagram, the 2016 class heart throb of the social media channels. The photo and video sharing app is adored and utilized by peeps of all ages. There’s no secret as to why this social outlet is currently the most popular form of social media on the market today. It’s ever evolving, fast-paced and not to mention, fun! But if you’ve updated your Insta software recently, you may have noticed there are a few little changes guaranteed to make a big change for business owners in the social space.

First off, you can now link your Instagram account to your business’s Facebook page which is HUGE. This means that your Instagram profile now provides a title for the type of business you own (website, food services, marketing etc.), provides location services and gives customers the option to contact you via the app. Someone has been listening to our Instagram prayers!

Most importantly, “Instagram Stories” are now a thing. Basically everything you knew and loved about marketing with Snapchat is now available via Instagram. Mhmm, someone has been doing their homework over there at the Instagram headquarters. This is genius and can work well for your business in the following ways:

1. Instagram stories are scarce right now…businesses have yet to really dive into using stories as a marketing tool which means your stories will be among the first for your customers to see. This is also perfect means to begin distributing special limited time offers strictly via stories. You can even direct your customers from your stories to the link in your bio. How quick and easy is that? The time sensitive urgency will prompt your customers towards quick decisions and creates a number of potential sales.

2. Give them that little sneak peek they’ve been dying to see. We’ve covered this before, people are nosy and want to feel like they are connected to their favorite brands in one way or another. Let your customers get to know you by posting snippets of behind the scenes photos or work-in-progress videos to show off your creative side and flaunt the power of your brand.

3. Use stories to drive traffic to your other social channels. This is perhaps one of the simplest and most useful tip of all. Because of the briefness of stories, they are a great little “reminder” for your customers that you’re hosting a Twitter chat or that your Facebook live video streams in an hour. These reminders are crucial for gaining and building traffic but are posts you wont want permanently on your feeds, hence why stories is the perfect place to post them.

Now go forth and start sharing your Instagram stories but don’t forget to follow @soradteam to keep up with us!