Why Snapchat is Your New BFF (Business Friend Forever)


There’s no secret that Snapchat is the most broadly adored social app on the market right now. Celebrities love it, millennials love it…the list goes on and on!

All around the world, major brands are utilizing the free photo app as a major marketing tool and guess what? It’s working. Right about now you might be thinking “yeah, but those are big brands, not a small business like mine.” And you’d be right, except for the fact that there IS a way for smaller businesses to reach Snapchat’s soaring 100 million active monthly users.

First off, this is a free platform where you can widely share information directly to your consumers. Yeah we said it, the “f word” and this time we mean it, you can use Snapchat completely for free to get all the cheap thrills you desire. Well, business related cheap thrills.

Secondly, Snapchat is known for its brief and fleeing moments of photo and video sharing time flashes. Thus, you are able to rapidly connect with your existing and new audiences for all pressing and time sensitive content.

If you thought we were almost done you’re sorely mistaken! There are numerous other ways to utilize Snapchat to your advantage to achieve growth and interaction with your consumers on a daily basis, such as…

A Live Feed: Posting to “Your Story” during a business related event, fundraiser, grand opening or even a typical day at the office gives your audience a live view at what’s going on in the world of your business. Not to mention, your followers will be able to connect with you through direct message to obtain further information or to simply interact with your posts.

Behind the Scenes/Teasers: It’s a little known fact that consumers have no shame in being nosey. They love to know insider information first, which helps them feel a stronger connection between themselves and the brands they follow. That being said, Snapchat can be used to show consumers a “sneak peek” or exclusive behind the scenes footage. The exclusivity of it will make them not want to miss out on your next big reveal, which leads me to our next topic…

Promos: Once you establish a following on the app, you can begin to release special deals, incentives and coupons that can only be rewarded per Snapchat. Trust us, customers will begin to follow your account based solely on these insider deals alone.

Connect on a Personal Level: Lastly, it can be so lucrative to share snaps of your team! This gives your audience an a glimpse into the vibe of your company individually and as a whole. This way of showcasing company culture can further strengthen the bond you have with existing customers and also help you to gain new prospective customers!

Bet you didn’t know all of this could be accomplished with an app that was once only popular amongst tweens, but now that you’ve officially graduated from So Rad’s class of snaps, we’re sending you off into the wild to test your knowledge!