Develop a RAD Wedding Hashtag


It’s that time of year again, folks. You either know someone who’s getting married, you’re in a wedding or you’re one of the lucky love birds saying “I do”.

Either way, Congrats! It’s time to get your party on! But anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of being involved in a wedding knows the two p’s of weddings; planning and partying go hand in hand.

You’re probably thinking “Weddings have nothing to do with Social Media” and if you lived in the dark ages you’d probably be right. Well NEWSFLASH, we don’t live in the dark ages and if you want a wedding to brag about, you simply must have a killer hashtag, my friends.

Now, we’re aware of the exploding number of apps out there like Wedpics and Wedding Party that are designed to store all of your photos of the big day in one place but… how annoying is it to download the app and give everyone the password and have everyone else download the app and then have to upload every single picture to this stupid app? Yada yada yada, It’s very annoying. Can you tell I’ve done it? You can also try a hashtag generator but have you ever seen the hashtag monsters that come out of those things? There’s a much easier, stress free and more personalized route to go in snagging all of your guests photos on your dream day.

Seeing as we aren’t the first to come up with the wedding hashtag, there’s going to be a lot of them out there and you don’t want to end up with the same hashtag as someone else because thats a no no. So the first rule in creating your hashtag is be unique, because #BrownWedding has 10,894 posts. Now unless you have a last name like Schuvalottakiss, you’re probably not going to get away with a hashtag so #basic. You’ve got to get creative and think outside of the box! Another thing to make note of is remember your audience. Your great Aunt Bertha and your Grandpa Phil aren’t going to be uploading insta shots of your fabulous centerpieces and your first dance but your college buddies, bridal party and younger generations of family probably are. Thus meaning, a. get punny with it and b. think of how they view you as a couple and individually.

So start with your names. A fun way to incorporate both names is to do a mashup of both first or last names such as, #Sarohn2016 (Sara + John + 2016). Do either of you go by a nickname that the majority of your friends and family know? It’s better to use nicknames (and initials) because they’re shorter, more memorable and most times make the hashtag more unique. For example, we called my friend Amanda, “Pants” in college (long story) and when she got engaged to her awesome beau Jason we came up with the hashtag #JayLovesPants.

Using a number can further customize your hashtag. Now there’s a few ways to do this. You can add numbers as in your favorite number or perhaps the day of the month you’re getting married, the year of your wedding or even the full date to really get the job done. You can also use numbers in place of certain words like #4EverConnelly #JackAndErin2gether.

Ladies who are taking the name of their future groom can also try fun “goodbye” hashtags like #ByeAnnieJames, #SmithNoMore and #AlmostAMiller.

It’s also great to incorporate trendy media into your your pun such as #MeetTheWalters (i.e. Meet the Fockers) or #JimmyJPutARingOnIt (Queen Bey). Also remember that while creating your wedding hashtag alliteration (ex: #HappilyEverHarrison) and rhyming (ex: #CasyAndLouSayIDo) are key.

You could also use an existing hashtag you’ve been using all along in pictures of you and your S.O. That way it’ll be fun for people to track your journey from the start. For instance, if you use the hashtag #EmmyandJayJay, #KimLovesJordan or #EandJ4EVA in your previous photos then why not make good use of those puppies!?

What’s great about technology is that it’s always evolving and by that I mean you can now use emojis in hashtags! So you can use that boring #BrownWedding hashtag if you do it like this #BrownWedding👰👮🐶🐶

Don’t forget to capitalize! #laraandmitchgethitched looks like you sat on your keyboard but #LaraAndMitchGetHitched is much easier to read and recognize each word.

Lastly, you’ll want to remember to double check that the hashtag isn’t currently already being utilized and to spread the word ASAP. Share share share! The sooner you get the word out the better. That way, by the time you’re saying “I do” your guests will already be all too familiar with typing #MiaAndScottTieTheKnot!

PS., Check out one of the SORAD fam’s usage of the hashtag #MattLovesErica to see these laws to live by in action.